Meet RPS

Experience and excellence in engineering. RPS is a UK-owned and operated company that manufactures, sells and supports a diverse range of professional industrial 3D printers, materials and software.

RPS is a British owned and operated company who are experts in industrial 3D printing technology.  Founded on servicing and supporting industrial 3D printers, RPS specialise in polymer additive manufacturing and provide a range of industrial 3D printing solutions for customers world-wide.

RPS has been in operation over ten years and our engineers collectively have decades of experience working with stereolithography and laser sintering equipment. With proven experience in 3D printing, engineering, electronics, computer-aided engineering and more, we understand the technology and can offer advice on how it can suit your specific application.

We manufacture the NEO800 stereolithography system, designed, developed and built by RPS engineers.  Manufactured in Aylesbury, United Kingdom, the reliable NEO800 builds large, high-quality parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail.  Built by engineers, for engineers, the NEO800 stereolithography system is in operation world-wide and is placed in companies such as Formula 1, service bureaus and Universities.

We also offer a range of materials and consumables through our partnership with market-leading suppliers ALM, DSM Somos and Materialise.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding, honest and professional technical support to all users of stereolithography and laser sintering hardware. This includes laser head refurbishment, maintenance and repairs, upgrades to hardware and spare parts. We also offer expert user training and service contracts tailored to suit our customers.