RPS D400/500 SLS machine upgrade

Benefit from faster build times and improved sintered part quality with the RPS D400/500. A digitally upgraded SLS system – supported by RPS engineers.

Our dedicated team of RPS engineers can complete a full or part upgrade to your SLS Vanguard or 2500+ 3D printer.

The upgrade will benefit from the latest updates in line with existing SLS hardware available in the market today.

  • Fill scan speed increased from an average of under 200 In/sec to 400 In/sec (10.16 M/sec)
  • Outline scanning increased from 70 In/sec to 150 In/sec (3.81 M/sec)
  • Open material platform allowing material supplier choice
  • Eliminates EOV, DOS computer, and helper card
  • Allows continued support of Vanguard, HiQ, and 2500+ machines
  • Receive information and application advice on a range of ALM material
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Digital upgrade

Through our partnership with Integra, we are proud to offer the Full Digital Upgrade on your selective laser sintering (SLS) system.

Draw speed increase

With new state-of-the-art Cambridge digital scanners and controller, we increase the draw speed from an average of under 200in/s (analogue HS) to 400in/s. With a potential build speed increase of over 50%.

Open platform

The upgrade retains the flexibility of the machine, allowing any LS material to be run.

Part quality improvement

Improved scanner control and vector scan strategy allows for a much more consistent melt and improved sinter density, giving improved mechanical properties.

Half upgrade

To combat component failure or requirements to run Windows 10, we offer a half upgrade. This upgrade step installs the new industrial Windows 10 PC, with the new monitor arm, and adds the new laser and scanner controller, while retaining the existing galvos.

Windows 10 & monitor arm

A new industrial PC and 24” monitor are fitted. The monitor sits on a bespoke manoeuvrable arm that replaces the old and bulky pc cabinet.

Continued service

The upgrade replaces the EOL parts on the Vanguard and 2500+ machines, allowing continued operation for 10+ years.