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British 3D printer manufacturer RPS has launched the NEO Material Development Kit – a polymer research and development tool designed to work with the NEO800 stereolithography system.  The kit offers research and development companies the opportunity to develop a wide range of innovative polymers currently unavailable in the industry today.

Designed by RPS engineers, the NEO Material Development Kit comes in a range of vat and platform sizes.  It also comes with the Titanium Material Development Kit software module to develop materials and processing parameters.  The kit allows developers to work with multiple resin formulations at any time, offering immediate scalability at different stages of the material development process.

Utilising the small 1 litre vat with build envelope of 45 x 165 x 40mm (XYZ) and Titanium software, single layer exposure panes can be printed to determine the photo-speed of the formulation being developed.  Once the critical exposure is established, typically developers iterate material formulations through tensile testing.

Developers can test and retest, adjusting the formulation, photospeed and settings of photopolymers as necessary to achieve the required mechanical properties, prior to scaling up with the other vat supplied.

Once initial testing is complete, developers can scale up to the larger vat which can take 13 litres of photopolymer and has a build envelope of 230x165x150mm (XYZ).  The vat is the ideal size to print prototype parts to optimise final configuration settings.

David Storey, Director of RPS stated “This NEO Materials Development Kit now opens the door for large industrial chemical companies such as BASF, DSM and Heinkel to push the boundaries of UV photopolymers.  The industry is looking for a quantum jump in materials to print end-user production parts from the stereolithography process”

RPS will be available to the TCT show this month, 24-26 September at the NEC, Birmingham.  If you would like to learn more about the NEO Material Development Kit visit us on stand D40 to find out more.