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“We developed this innovative 3D printer to drive forward and transform the expectations of stereolithography.”

British 3D printer manufacturer RPS has launched the latest of the Neo® stereolithography range, the Neo®450 series and is available to order today.

Based on the proven Neo800, the compact Neo450 series has a 450 × 450 × 400 mm platform and builds prototypes, rapid tooling, and master patterns with exceptional surface quality, accuracy and detail. Designed for greater flexibility and versatility, the Neo450 series is available in two models with different performance and functionality depending on customer needs – the Neo450e and the Neo450s.

The Neo450e is an affordable industrial grade 3D printer producing small to medium parts with consistent accuracy and repeatability. Dependable and reliable, the Neo450e is designed for non-stop printing of industrial production parts.

The Neo450s offers performance and versatility along with all the benefits of Neo450e. Producing superior quality parts, the Neo450s is up to 40% faster than the Neo450s and offers standard (SD) and high definition (HD) build modes.  Supplied with a more powerful laser, 3 axis dynamic scanning system and advanced software algorithms, the Neo450s can quickly print SD or HD parts over the entire work area, all with outstanding accuracy and detail.

As the Neo450s offers SD and HD parts from one machine, it reduces the need to operate multiple SL systems with different functions.  This in turn results in considerable savings in overheads and service costs.

David Storey, Director of RPS, said “The Neo is a technically advanced product packed with great benefits and features, and significantly raises the bar and expectations within the field of SL printing.  We developed the Neo 3D printer to drive forward and transform the expectations of stereolithography.  Thankfully, gone are the days of hand finishing poor quality parts from fragile materials.  Neo printed parts rival both the quality and accuracy of injection moulded parts directly from the printer.

David added, “With the Neo450 series, we wanted to design and develop a reliable, versatile machine that offered customers more functionality.  With the Neo450e, customers can produce complex industrial-grade quality parts from an affordable 3D printer.  With the Neo450s, customers can now quickly produce small to medium parts in SD or build intricate HD parts over the entire build area.

Supporting our customers is what RPS was founded upon, and more now than ever customers are looking for solutions to grow their business and save costs.  We are excited to offer the Neo450 series as a 3D printing solution that can help not only reduce costs, but also produce outstanding parts for their application”.

Neo Stereolithography range features and benefits include:

  • Exceptional part sidewall quality – Outstanding scanning resolution reduces finishing time by up to 50%.
  • Versatile and Functional – Available in a large 800 × 800 × 600 mm platform or smaller 450 × 450 × 400 mm platform. Both offer different build options and modes to suit all applications.
  • Open resin system – Compatible with all 355nm SL resins, allowing the freedom of material selection.
  • Intuitive Titanium™ software – Easy-to-use software optimises build time and part quality with build history, parameter detail, hardware usage and part traceability data reporting.
  • Customer-driven development – Customer suggestions and feedback are encouraged, driving user-focused software updates.
  • Accessible support – Remote diagnostics or convenient on-site support from our exceptional service team.
  • Quality assurance – The Neo is carefully designed and engineered throughout, using premium components, parts and finishes.
  • Connected services – Stay connected and keep updated with the built-in camera, emailed progress reports and status updates.

Neo 3D printers are already placed within demanding industries such as F1, automotive, and service bureaus. Exceeding expectations, many customers now own multiple Neo systems and is now available in the North American market at Mid-West Prototyping.

RPS will be exhibiting at AMUG Chicago, 14-18 March 2021 and Rapid TCT in Chicago 26-29 April 2021.

RPS will also be holding a webinar with DSM, about how to make the most of stereolithography 3D printing with RPS Neo® open system 3D printers and DSM Somos® resins – Tuesday 17 November 2020, 4-5pm CEST.  Sign up to register here.  To learn more, please visit

About RPS

RPS is a British owned and operated company who are experts in industrial 3D printing technology.  Founded on servicing and supporting industrial 3D printers, RPS specialise in polymer additive manufacturing and provide a range of industrial 3D printing solutions for customers world-wide.

RPS began in 2007 servicing and supporting customers with legacy 3D printer hardware.  The small team consisted of individuals who collectively had decades of experience working with stereolithography and laser sintering technology.

While servicing 3D printers within the industry, RPS engineers listened to customers and analysed the limitations of existing hardware in the market.  This knowledge and insight inspired RPS to develop and manufacture the next generation of stereolithography 3d printer technology and launched the Neo800 in 2016.  As a result of the success of the Neo800, RPS added the Neo450 series to the range, offering more choice and functionality to suit more applications, for all industries.

Supporting and collaborating with their customers is the key foundation and cornerstone of RPS and continues to be the focus of what they do – working with their customers to help drive digital manufacturing and industrial production for business success.

RPS continues to support legacy SLS and SLA machines and also offers a range of materials and consumables through their partnership with market leading suppliers ALM, DSM Somos and Materialise.