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Family owned and operated Czech Republic service bureau, One3D, has invested in RPS’ NEO800 stereolithography 3D printing hardware and support services. Founded 4 years ago by Tomas and Filip Dokoupil in Mohelnice, One3D offers comprehensive support in the production of plastic parts, such as SLS and SLA printing services, post processing services, 3D scanning product design, development, consultation and more. Known for their honest and flexible approach to customers and short delivery times, One3D delivers outstanding quality parts to a range of customers from many industries that include automotive, rail, metallurgical industry, medical and food.

RPS, a UK company founded on servicing and supporting additive manufacturing hardware, offered the best in class large format stereolithography system, and outstanding support function One3D were looking for. The NEO800 stereolithography system had the features required by One3D such as the large build volume, the ability to run 24/7, impressive part quality and user-friendly, intuitive Titanium software.

Filip Dokoupil, CTO of One3D, stated: “We like RPS’ honesty, friendly attitude but mostly passion for AM. Because, if you have the real passion for something, you will not sell unfinished or malfunctioning products. NEO800 is a robust system with exceptional building volume, repeatable parts production and it covers all the shortcomings of previous SLA systems that you can see only after some days of everyday using. We have to also highlight Titanium software for operating machine because it’s very intuitive and simple.”

Filip added: “Our mission is not only supporting Czech companies to AM thinking but also to show them how to implement AM in their production based on its advantages.”

Director of RPS, David Storey, said: “We are thrilled that our NEO800 is now placed at One3D, a service bureau market leader within the Czech Republic. We wish One3D every success and look forward to seeing the positive impact the company will have in the industry and for their customers.”

One3D plans to build an additive manufacturing development centre in Mohelnice and will be holding additive manufacturing workshops for customers. Visit their website to find out more.