Under our partnership with ALM, RP Support can provide a comprehensive range of laser sintering powders for a wide range of processing applications and through our partnership with DSM Somos®, we can also provide the most technically advanced stereolithography (SL) resins for all SLA® platforms for all applications.

Laser Sintering Materials

Laser Sintering Materials (LS)

Fire retardant, recyclable, flexible, light weight and filled nylons.
We are able to upgrade your Laser Sintering equipment with a variety of different powders from PA 650, a drop‑in replacement for other PA 12 nylon powders and PA 615‑GS, a highly glass sphere filled material to PA 601‑CF, a carbon fibre filled powder and FR 106 a flame retardant material.

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LS Materials Selector Guide

Stereolithography Materials

Stereolithography Materials (SL)

From thermoplastic elastomers to polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS. We are able to upgrade your SLA® platform with a wide choice of resins from WaterClear™ Ultra 10122, the clearest SL resin available on the market today and Somos® NeXt, the industry's most advanced SL resin to date to the innovative new range of ProtoGen™ resins and ProtoCast™ AF 19122 for investment casting applications.

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SL Materials Selector Guide

Why Upgrade Your Materials?

Customers often ask why they should upgrade the materials they are running on different equipment and platforms. Here are some of the many benefits:

We provide the latest and most technically advanced materials

New materials are constantly being introduced which bring enhanced material properties, allowing you to achieve improved performance from the parts you are building. This may be benefits such as improved accuracy, superior side wall quality, reductions in material waste or improved mechanical properties that more closely simulate a thermoplastic material.

Improved performance, productivity and effective operating life

Upgrading your materials can not only provide models, tools or parts with superior properties, but it can also increase the productivity and effective operating life of your equipment. This will ensure the running and operation of your platform is optimised to maximise your part output, minimise downtime and ensure cost effective solutions to maximise profitability.

Fast installation and minimised downtime

RP Support can advise and support you in upgrading to a more technically advanced material. Resin de-installation and installation can be completed in a timely manner to minimise downtime, and ensure your equipment is optimised and fully functional in the same visit.

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