Introducing the Neo® stereolithography 3D printing range from RPS.

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Global leader in Polymer Additive Manufacturing Solutions

RPS is a UK-based company, providing industrial 3D printing hardware, material and support solutions, driving industries to transform digital manufacturing and industrial production.

RPS was founded over ten years ago, servicing and supporting industrial 3D printer hardware

While servicing 3D printers within the industry, RPS engineers listened to customers and analysed the limitations of existing hardware in the market. This inspired RPS engineers to develop the next generation of stereolithography 3d printer technology and launched the Neo800 in 2016. As a result of the success of the Neo800, RPS has added the Neo450 series to the range, offering more choice and functionality to suit more applications, for all industries.

Supporting and collaborating with our customers is the cornerstone of RPS and continues to be the focus of what we do – working with our customers to help drive digital manufacturing and industrial production for business success.

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DSM Stereolithography Resin

In partnership with DSM Somos®, RPS can provide the most technically advanced stereolithography (SL) resins for all SLA® platforms, for all applications.

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ALM Laser Sintering Powder

Partnered with RPS, ALM is the industry expert in customising high-performance laser sintering materials for the additive manufacturing industry.

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Service & Support

RPS has a dedicated team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers that offer expert advice, service and support on a range of 3D printing technologies and materials.

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materialise™ Software

Materialise provides a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, to build innovative applications for a wide variety of industries.

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